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Hi Viz means that a material is fluorescent. When light hits it, more light energy is reflected back than you see in normal colors. This makes the color POP more than everything else around it.

Reflective materials will capture light and send it back to the source. So when your headlights hit a reflective decal, it lights up bright 

The hi viz yellow color is made from high quality and high intensity grade Orafol material, while all other colors are made from 3M engineering grade materials. Both provide great resistance to the weather and bright reflective properties.

  • Are these decals made in China?

NO! Cheap decals from China will fade in the sun in as little as a few months. The material we use will last for 5+ years. Our decals are proudly manufactured in the United States.

  • How long will these decals last?

You should expect our decals to last for 5+ years of constant exposure to the elements. If your decal fails before that, we'll replace it for free.

  • How do I wash my decals?

It's best to use soap and water - just like you'd clean your bike or helmet!

  • How should I apply my decals?

First, make sure the surface you want to apply your decal to is clean using an alcohol based cleaner. Next, our decals use a PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesive. This means that they stick better when you press them on FIRMLY. Use a credit card to press them evenly to the surface.