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About Us

Go Hi Viz started from a need to be seen in traffic.

We hear it from every person we meet - motorcycles are dangerous. So I asked the question - why? Why are they so dangerous? How do those accidents happen, and what can we do to prevent them?

After learning about the number of accidents that are a result of not being seen, I began searching for a way to stand out. I already had gear, and I didn't want to spend the money on new hi viz gear if I didn't have to. So why not just add a few hi viz decals here and there?

After searching for a while, I came to find that the high visibility decal choices are extremely limited. I ended up settling for a generic sticker kit from an athletics store.

Hi Viz Reflective GT Logo

Dissatisfied with my purchase that lacked any kind of style, I decided to make my own - A hi viz reflective Georgia Tech logo to pay homage to my alma mater. After seeing the potential of other riders who needed the same thing, I opened this shop.

I hope that these stickers will do more than add some flair to the boring blacked-out bikes and leather uniforms we are accustomed to. I hope these stickers will help to save the lives of my fellow riders. If these simple decals can help to save even a single person from an accident, it's all worthwhile!

Happy riding, and stay safe!

Jared Mastley


Jared Mastley