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What are these decals made out of?

3M Resilient

So the decals look great, and the added visibility with reflectivity will undoubtedly help to be noticed on the road. But what are they actually made out of? And how do we know that they'll withstand the test of time?

We searched long and hard for the perfect material to satisfy our customers' needs. We could have used cheap material from China to produce our products, but we found that all these materials either faded after a few months in the sun, or they had vertical lines that ran through them which wouldn't look great when cut into different shapes and sizes.

We had a list of requirements when searching for the right materials.

  • bright colors for visibility during the day
  • highly reflective for visibility at night
  • adhesive backing that sticks to painted, metal, or plastic surfaces
  • available in a 12" or greater roll width to make big decals
  • easily cut to make interesting and eye-catching designs

With these requirements in mind, we tested multiple materials from China, Taiwan, Europe, and the US. The materials from overseas were a great deal cheaper, but they didn't meet all the requirements we had to ensure our customers receive the best possible product of the highest quality. So for our hi viz yellow color, we selected V98 Reflexite - a material manufactured by Orafol in Avon, Connecticut. For all of our other colors, we use 3M Scotchlite. These materials are specifically made to increase vehicle conspicuity in traffic. They're not cheap, but man do they light up at night!

Orafol has published .pdfs of a product description sheet and a spec sheet.

3M made an awesome video showcasing their technology:

For more info on how reflectivity works, check out our post that explains the science-y stuff.

The bottom line

Go Hi Viz is NOT the cheapest product on the market, and we don't want to be. These decals are top-of-the-line in terms of performance and fashion, and the base material is produced by well-known companies in the United States. Your only choice now will be... Which one do you want on your bike!?

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