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Thoughts on The Importance of this Business

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As motorcyclists, we all have friends and family who constantly remind us how dangerous it is to ride on two wheels. We all have the people who tell us stories about someone they knew who has been killed riding their motorcycle. They look at you with disgust and pity your ignorance because you would do such a stupid thing that could kill you just the same. And we all know it's true. Maybe we even have a loved one who has been killed while riding.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts today called StartUp. It's a narrative-style podcast that documents the beginnings of start up businesses and the challenges they face. In season 2, they follow a company named "Dating Ring"  that goes through Y-Combinator and is just beginning to raise money to rapidly grow their business.

On one of the episodes, the founders attend a conference where a speaker says that "...you have to know that what you are doing is good and that it needs to exist in the world..." It got me thinking about Go Hi Viz and reminded me why I wanted to start this business in the first place.

I am lucky enough that I don't have any direct friends or family who have been killed in a motorcycle accident, but I am surrounded by those who have suffered that loss. I want to prevent that loss of life as much as possible. What Go Hi Viz does IS good, and it DOES need to exist in this world to help provide a high visibility solution at a low cost that is accessible to everyone. Every customer we have has a much better chance of being seen on the road, and a much lower chance of being hit by a car.

So thank you to those who have supported us, and know that you are also helping other motorcyclists to stay safe.

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